Rezensionen: Casey, Delaney, Fitzgerald, Goddard, Hand u.a.

This week’s set of reviews includes Michelle Peckham’s review of Jane Casey’s „The Stranger You Know“, Lynn Harvey’s reviews of Conor Fitzgerald’s „The Namesake“ and Elizabeth Hand’s „Generation Loss“ and many others.

Rezensionen: Brooks, Bruce, Collett, Cutts, Holt u.a.

This week there are reviews of Kevin Brooks‘ „Wrapped in White,“ Alison Bruce’s „The Silence,“ Chris Collett’s „Blood and Stone,“ Lisa Cutts‘ debut, „Never Forget,“ Jonathan Holt’s „The Abomination“ and many more.

Kurzrezension: Chris Collett: „Blood and Stone“

„Blood and Stone“ is a very well plotted police procedural with some beautiful descriptions of walks in Wales and the youth hostelling and camping experience. Extremely well recommended.

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Rezensionen: Jones, Monroe, Nakamura, Perry, Roslund-Hellstrom, Stanley

New reviews of Tobias Jones’s „Death of a Showgirl“, Aly Monroe’s „Black Bear“, Roslund and Hellstrom’s „Two Soldiers“, Michael Stanley’s „Dead Harvest“, Anne Perry’s „Midnight at Marble Arch“ and Fuminori Nakamura’s „The Thief“.

Rezensionen: Bolton, Cotterill, Delaney, Nesser u.a.

This week Michelle Peckham reviews „Like This, For Ever“ by S J Bolton, Lynn Harvey reviews „The Woman Who Wouldn’t Die“ by Colin Cotterill, Terry Halligan reviews Luke Delaney’s  „Cold Killing,“ JF reviews Hakan Nesser’s „The Weeping Girl“ and many more

Rezensionen: Beaton, Bond, Davis, Grieves, Hayder u.a.

Karen Meek reviews M C Beatons „Death of a Valentine“, Lynn Harvey on Michael Bond’s „Monsieur Pamplemousse Afloat,“ Sarah Ward on Lindsey Davis‘ „The Ides of April,“ Sarah Hilary on „Poppet“ by Mo Hayder and some other reviews.

Rezension: M.C. Beaton: „Death of a Valentine“

Though this is a cosy series, set in a fantasy Scotland which you wouldn’t confuse with reality, „Death of a Valentine“ is quite a dark entry, it includes date-rape drugs and alcoholism as well as the usual infidelity and corruption.

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Rezensionen: Camilleri, Cleeves, Haynes, Kernick, Lipska u.a.

Karen Meek reviews Andrea Camilleri’s „The Dance of the Seagull,“ Lynn Harvey reviews „Dead Water“ by Ann Cleeves, the fifth in the Shetland series; Amanda Gillies reviews „Human Remains“ by Elizabeth Haynes and many more

Rezension: Andrea Camilleri: „The Dance of the Seagull“

Camilleri’s „The Dance of the Seagull“ is the fifteenth outing for Sicilian Inspector Montalbano and whereas its predecessor concentrated on his relationship with Mimi Augello, „Seagull“ highlights Montalbano’s connection to his colleague Fazio.

Rezensionen: Byrne, Hooper, Jones, Kerr, Soderberg, Theorin u.a.

Laura Root reviews Tanja Byrne’s novel „Heart-Shaped Bruise,“ Michelle Peckham reviews Australian author Chloe Hooper’s „The Engagement,“ Lynn Harvey reviews Chris Morgan Jones’s „The Jackal’s Share“ and other reviews.

Rezension: Antti Tuomainen: „The Healer“

Antti Tuomainen’s „The Healer“ is set in an unspecified but future time when climate change has meant environmental and economic disaster. After covering a case of a serial killer, Johanna, journalist and the wife of protagonist Tapani, goes missing.

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Rezensionen: Aykol, King, McKinty, Jones u.a.

Reviews of Aykol’s „Baksheesh“, Doug Johnstone’s „Gone Again“,  Laurie R. King’s „Garment of Shadows“, McKinty’s „I Hear the Sirens in the Street“, Chris Nickson’s „At the Dying of the Year“, Shepherd’s „The Poisoned Island“, and Vargas’s „The Ghost Riders of Ordebec.“

Rezension: Esmaham Aykol: „Baksheesh“

Esmaham Aykol’s „Baksheesh“, translated into English by Ruth Whitehouse, is the second of the Kati Hirschel mysteries. After the well-received „Hotel Bosphorus“, it once again introduces the reader to the fascinating city of Istanbul.

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Rezension: Keigo Higashino: „Salvation of a Saint“

„Salvation of a Saint“ is the follow-up to „The Devotion of Suspect X“ and once again involves Tokyo Detective Kusanagi and his friend Yukawa, the physicist, aka „Detective Galileo“.

Rezensionen: Charlton, Connor, Lemaitre, Lipska, Muir, Neville u.a.

Geoff Jones reviews Karen Charlton’s „The Missing Heiress“, Amanda Gillies reviews Alex Connor’s „Memory of Bones“, Michelle Peckham reviews Anya Lipska’s debut, „Where the Devil Can’t Go“ and …

Rezension: Teresa Solana: „The Sound of One Hand Killing“

„The Sound Of One Hand Killing“, the sequel to „A Shortcut To Paradise“, sees the return of Barcelona-based non-identical twins, Borja and Eduard who scrape by, by running an unlicensed PI firm.

Rezensionen: Bell, Bolitho, Cornell, Fesperman, Pavone, Sinclair u.a.

Euro Crime presents reviews of Janie Bolitho’s „Buried In Cornwall“, Paul Cornell’s crime-urban fantasy novel „London Falling“, Dan Fesperman’s „The Double Game“, Chris Pavone’s „The Expats“, John Gordon Sinclair’s „Seventy Times Seven“ and a few more.

Rezensionen: Bauer, Conrad, Cookman, Harvey, Kelly, Leonard, Littell u. a.

Here are nine new reviews. This week’s new reviews: Michelle Peckham calls Belinda Bauer’s „Rubbernecker“ „a great book“, Karen Meek reviewed Patrick Conrad’s „No Sale tr. Jonathan Lynn“, an unusual book which film buffs should particularly enjoy and others.

Rezension: Patrick Conrad: „No Sale“

Victor Cox, professor of film history in Antwerp has reported his wife missing. The police investigation is run by Luyckx aka ‚The Sponge‘ and his assistant Lannoy. When Cox’s wife is found dead in the water adjacent to the Docklands area, Cox is questioned again.

Rezensionen: Carrisi, Durbridge, McCreet, Mackay, Sharp, Zouroudi

Karen Meek presents six new reviews, amongst others: Lizzie Hayes reviews „The Lost Girls of Rome“ by Donato Carrisi, Geoff Jones reviews Francis Durbridge’s „A Game of Murder“, Amanda Gillies reviews James McCreet’s third novel „The Thieves‘ Labyrinth“.

Rezensionen: Barr, Finnis, King, McDermott, May, Rees

Euro Crime returns with six new reviews: Michelle Peckham reviews Emily Barr’s „Stranded“, Susan White reviews Jane Finnis’s „Shadows in the Night“, Amanda Gillies samples Sherlock Holmes in Laurie R King’s „O Jerusalem“ …

Rezensionen: Camilleri, Gray, Johnston, Marklund, Quinn, Rhodes

6 new reviews have been added today: „The Potter’s Field“ by Andrea Camilleri; „A Pound of Flesh“ by Alex Gray; Paul Johnston: „The Green Lady“; Liza Marklund: „Last Will“; Anthony Quinn: „Disappeared“ and Kate Rhodes: „Crossbones Yard“.