Artikel: Two very different approaches to crime writing

Craig Russell and Val McDermid are both Scottish crime writers who grew up in Fife. But there the similiarities end, finds Tom Chivers in Segovia.

Artikel: New Poirot book to be published with permission of Agatha Christie’s family

A new Poirot novel is to be written by author Sophie Hannah. He has been resting in retirement for 39 years, but Hercule Poirot is to finally take on a new case after Agatha Christie’s family agreed for a follow-up book to be written.

Service: Arne Dahl talks about crime writing

Continuing the Telegraph Harvill Secker Crime Writing Competition masterclasses, author Arne Dahl talks about crime writing. rne Dahl is an award-winning Swedish crime novelist whose books have been translated into more than twenty languages.

Artikel: New generation of Nordic Noir novels are ‚girls‘ books‘ Maj Sjöwall says

The new generation of popular Nordic Noir writers are so focused on having their books turned into films that their crime novels are no longer about police, Maj Sjöwall has said.

Interview: Ian Rankin

Mavericks do not join the police any more, crime author Ian Rankin has argued, as he calls his best-known character Rebus the „last of a breed of dinosaurs“.

Rezension: Atiq Rahimi: „A Curse on Dostoevsky“

In this slim puzzle of a novel the French-Afghan writer Atiq Rahimi takes a more unusual approach, recasting „Crime and Punishment“ in Kabul during the civil war that followed Soviet withdrawal and preceded the rise of the Taliban.

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Rezension: Richard House: „The Kills“

Jake Kerridge is hugely impressed by a 1.000-page multimedia thriller nominated for the Man Booker Prize. Like all the best thrillers, it takes you on a hell of a ride, even if by the end you’re not quite sure where exactly it is you’ve arrived at.

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Rezension: Suzanne Rindell: „The Other Typist“

Twenties glamour enlivens Suzanne Rindell’s deliciously enjoyable literary thriller – The acknowledgements in Suzanne Rindell’s first novel „The Other Typist“ pay homage to “the first true love” of her teenage years: „The Great Gatsby“.

Rezension: Tobias Jones: „Death of a Showgirl“

Tobias Jones is a British author jostling for space in the overcrowded field of Italian crime fiction – which, of course, is well-served by Italians themselves, never mind the increasing number of English-speaking writers who set their books there.

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Rezension: Rhodri Jeffreys-Jones: „In Spies We Trust“

In his new history Jeffreys-Jones writes of a British agent who, speaking of the golden age of Anglo-American cooperation in the Forties, complained of other Britons who furthered their careers simply by “achieving reputations for ‚getting on with’  Americans”.

Rezension: David Peace: „Red or Dead“

Passions run high in football, arguably even higher than among fans of hard-Modernist Japanese detective stories and serial-killer novels set in North Yorkshire. This might go some way towards explaining why David Peace retains such a following in the mainstream.

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Rezension: Sabine Durrant: „Under Your Skin“

Sabine Durrant’s first crime novel is a delectably twisted psychological thriller that ramps up the tension with pace and style – and, in the old cliche of reviewers, is hard to put down. It also pokes gentle fun at the middle-class pretensions of affluent Londoners.

Porträt: Raymond Chandler

On 23 July 1888, crime novelist Raymond Chandler – creator of Philip Marlowe – was born in Chicago. WH Auden said his novels should be judged not as escapism but as art.

Rezension: James Scudamore: „Wreaking“

The idea of mental illness is ever present in fiction of Gothic inclination. Any novel set in an abandoned Victorian “bin” inhabited by a crazy old man will probably involve at least one person blinded, a case of arson, the shadow of a mad woman, perhaps a villainous cripple.

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Kurzrezensionen: French, Bingham, Sampson, Harper, Zouroudi

Jake Kerridge reviews some of the best latest crime novels including Nicci French’s „Waiting Fo Wednesday“, Harry Bingham’s „Love Soty, with Murders“, Cate Sampson’s „Carnaby“, Tom Harper’s „The Orpheus Descent“ and Anne Zouroudi’s „The Feast of Artemis“:

Artikel: JK Rowling’s ’secret‘ novel conceals clues to its author’s true identity

The clues to „The Cuckoo’s Calling“’s real author were there. Not least its terribly clunky sentences, says Sameer Rahim.

Artikel: The 2013 Theakstons Old Peculier Crime Writing Festival, Harrogate: an insider’s guide

The biggest crime writing festival in Europe opens next week in Harrogate. Jake Kerridge looks back at highlights from previous years and suggests what to look out for this year.

Service: Jo Nesbo masterclass – part 1

Jo Nesbo is a musician, songwriter, economist and internationally acclaimed crime writer..As part of the Telegraph Harvill Secker Crime Writing Competition, he  offers tips and advice in the first of two exclusive online masterclasses.

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Rezension: Stephen King: „Joyland“

Like its predecessor, „The Colorado Kid“ (2005), this is a mystery lodged deep in the seam of folksily sinister Americana that King has made his own in bigger, better-structured novels than this one. Stephen King’s new novel is full of acute observations.

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Rezension: Joel F Harrington: „The Faithful Executioner“

The gory career of a medieval killer who tried to do his job properly: Frantz Schmidt was condemned to social ostracism and dishonour in perpetuity. The poor man was born in 1554 with an irredeemable stigma: his father was a full-time executioner.

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Rezensionen: Dan Brown: „Inferno“ II

Dan Browns neuer Roman „Inferno“ ist erschienen, Besprechungen dazu gibt es unter anderem von Jake Kerridge im Telegraph, von Steven Poole im Guardian oder in der New York Times von Janet Maslin, in der Los Angeles Times von Carolyn Kellogg.

Rezensionen: John le Carré: „A Delicate Truth“

Besprechungen in der New York Times von Michiko Kakutani und Olen Steinhauer, National Post von Philip Marchand und im Telegraph von Jon Stock (bitte jeweils auf den Namen des Rezensenten klicken).