Rezension: Will Jordan: „Sacrifice“

„Sacrifice“ is the second novel by Will Jordan, and also the second in his Ryan Drake series. Jordan’s original plan was to become an actor and his casting as a soldier in a film about World War II led him to doing extensive research about weapons and military history

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Rezension: Gordon Ferris: „Pilgrim Soul“

This is a very exciting, but harrowing, story. Very well written, with  rounded characters. There are quite graphic descriptions of the atrocities carried out in the concentration camps, not only the deaths of millions but also the way that prisoners were experimented upon.

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Rezensionen: Casey, Delaney, Fitzgerald, Goddard, Hand u.a.

This week’s set of reviews includes Michelle Peckham’s review of Jane Casey’s „The Stranger You Know“, Lynn Harvey’s reviews of Conor Fitzgerald’s „The Namesake“ and Elizabeth Hand’s „Generation Loss“ and many others.

Rezension: Luke Delaney: „Cold Killing“

The book is the first in a series featuring DI Sean Corrigan, who has an uncanny knack of being able to catch killers by empathizing with them. The product of an abusive childhood, he is haunted by his own memories.

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Rezension: Mark Oldfield: „The Sentinel“

Guardia forensic scientist Ana Maria Galindez drives through the baking heat and the arid, rocky landscape towards another civil war grave, a bricked-up mine containing fifteen corpses now a heap of intermingled bones.

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Rezension: Elizabeth Hand: „Generation Loss“

Elizabeth Hand is an American writer living in Maine and London. She has been writing and publishing fiction since the late 1980s. She has said that „Generation Loss“…“began as a fantasy novel and ended up as a psychological thriller.”

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Rezension: Robert Wilton: „Traitor’s Field“

From the opening scene, in which a man searches bodies on a battlefield and imaginatively recreates what has happened blow by blow, it’s obvious this is a very good book. The book’s events take place in Britain in the years between 1648 and 1651.

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Rezension: Robert Goddard: „The Ways of the World“

This is the twenty-fourth mystery/thriller book by this popular author, this time set in France and England in 1919. „The Ways of the World“ is well up to the author’s high standard. Very much recommended.

Rezension: Conor Fitzgerald: „The Namesake“

In „The Namesake“ Fitzgerald provides an intimate view of Calabrian life and its relationship to the Ndrangheta with its tight-lipped, allusive culture, strict hierarchies and codes of honour. These convolutions add to the mystery and suspense of the book.

Rezensionen: Brooks, Bruce, Collett, Cutts, Holt u.a.

This week there are reviews of Kevin Brooks‘ „Wrapped in White,“ Alison Bruce’s „The Silence,“ Chris Collett’s „Blood and Stone,“ Lisa Cutts‘ debut, „Never Forget,“ Jonathan Holt’s „The Abomination“ and many more.

Kurzrezension: Chris Collett: „Blood and Stone“

„Blood and Stone“ is a very well plotted police procedural with some beautiful descriptions of walks in Wales and the youth hostelling and camping experience. Extremely well recommended.

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Rezension: Jason Webster: „The Anarchist Detective“

„The Anarchist Detective“ is Anglo-American writer Webster’s third book in his “Max Camara” series set in Spain. Webster himself had already written several books about Spanish culture and history before embarking on this series.

Rezension: Lisa Cutts: „Never Forget“

In 1976 five-year-old Nina Foster was rescued by the police. She and her elder sister had been abducted and Stan Maguire was the police officer in charge. „Never Forget“ is an impressive debut.

Rezension: Jassy Mackenzie: „Pale Horses“

The book opens in an upscale cafe in Sandton, a wealthy suburb of Johannesburg. Jade is persuaded to take on a case brought to her by the geeky millionaire trader Victor Theron, who has recently lost a friend in a suspicious extreme sports incident.

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Rezension: D. E. Meredith: „The Devil’s Ribbon“

D. E. Meredith gives a very vivid atmospheric picture of life at this time and I was transported by this wonderfully evocative story telling right back to Victorian London. Strongly recommended.

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Rezensionen: Jones, Monroe, Nakamura, Perry, Roslund-Hellstrom, Stanley

New reviews of Tobias Jones’s „Death of a Showgirl“, Aly Monroe’s „Black Bear“, Roslund and Hellstrom’s „Two Soldiers“, Michael Stanley’s „Dead Harvest“, Anne Perry’s „Midnight at Marble Arch“ and Fuminori Nakamura’s „The Thief“.

Rezensionen: Bolton, Cotterill, Delaney, Nesser u.a.

This week Michelle Peckham reviews „Like This, For Ever“ by S J Bolton, Lynn Harvey reviews „The Woman Who Wouldn’t Die“ by Colin Cotterill, Terry Halligan reviews Luke Delaney’s  „Cold Killing,“ JF reviews Hakan Nesser’s „The Weeping Girl“ and many more

Rezensionen: Beaton, Bond, Davis, Grieves, Hayder u.a.

Karen Meek reviews M C Beatons „Death of a Valentine“, Lynn Harvey on Michael Bond’s „Monsieur Pamplemousse Afloat,“ Sarah Ward on Lindsey Davis‘ „The Ides of April,“ Sarah Hilary on „Poppet“ by Mo Hayder and some other reviews.

Rezension: M.C. Beaton: „Death of a Valentine“

Though this is a cosy series, set in a fantasy Scotland which you wouldn’t confuse with reality, „Death of a Valentine“ is quite a dark entry, it includes date-rape drugs and alcoholism as well as the usual infidelity and corruption.

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Rezensionen: Camilleri, Cleeves, Haynes, Kernick, Lipska u.a.

Karen Meek reviews Andrea Camilleri’s „The Dance of the Seagull,“ Lynn Harvey reviews „Dead Water“ by Ann Cleeves, the fifth in the Shetland series; Amanda Gillies reviews „Human Remains“ by Elizabeth Haynes and many more

Rezension: Andrea Camilleri: „The Dance of the Seagull“

Camilleri’s „The Dance of the Seagull“ is the fifteenth outing for Sicilian Inspector Montalbano and whereas its predecessor concentrated on his relationship with Mimi Augello, „Seagull“ highlights Montalbano’s connection to his colleague Fazio.

Rezensionen: Byrne, Hooper, Jones, Kerr, Soderberg, Theorin u.a.

Laura Root reviews Tanja Byrne’s novel „Heart-Shaped Bruise,“ Michelle Peckham reviews Australian author Chloe Hooper’s „The Engagement,“ Lynn Harvey reviews Chris Morgan Jones’s „The Jackal’s Share“ and other reviews.