Kurzrezensionen: Lemaitre, Pelecanos, Lancet, Sundstol

Marilyn Stasio reviews „Alex“ by the fashionable French author Pierre Lemaitre, „The Double“ by George Pelecano, „Japantown“ by Barry Lancet and „The Land of Dreams“ by Vidar Sundstol.

Kurzrezensionen: Busby, Pelecanos, Hillerman, Paretsky, Cruz Smith, Littell etc.

Pierre Lemaitre on „A Commonplace Killing“, by Siân Busby, „The Double“, by George Pelecanos, „Spider Woman’s Daughter“, by Anne Hillerman, „Critical Mass“, by Sara Paretsky and …

Rezensionen: Baylis, Litten, Lemaître, Costantini, Söderberg

Laura WIlson reviews „A Death at the Palace“ by M. H. Baylis, „Swear Down“ by Russ Litten, „Alex“ by Pierre Lemaître, „The Deliverance of Evil“ by Roberto Costantini and „The Andalucian Friend“ by Alexander Söderberg.

Rezension: Pierre Lemaitre: „Alex“

If Winston Smith’s Room 101 nightmare in „Nineteen Eighty-Four“ proved too disturbing an image for you, then it’s probably best to steer clear of „Alex“ by Pierre Lemaitre, the first thriller by this popular French author to be translated into English.

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