Artikel: Tom Clancy: An appreciation

Tom Clancy was an author who created stories from the raw material of a real world in conflict. He conquered one media platform after another.

Rezension: Thomas Pynchon: „Bleeding Edge“

All of Pynchon’s works are crammed with cultural references; here they seem less mysterious and significant than in previous novels. In „Bleeding Edge,“ Pynchon seems like a kid playing in a ball pit, having lot of fun tossing around whatever is brightly colored.

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Rezension: Sarah Weinman: „Troubled Daughters, Twisted Wives“

Weinman’s admiration for contemporary domestic-suspense writers led her to seek out their foremothers, 14 of whom are represented in „Troubled Daughters, Twisted Wives.“ The anthology spans work published from the 1940s through the 1970s.

Rezension: Marisha Pessl: „Night Film“

The second novel by the author unfolds more like a treasure map than a work of fiction. Pessl is the much-lauded author of „Special Topics in Calamity Physics,“ which the New York Times-Book Review selected as one of the 10 best books of 2006

Rezension: Jeff Guinn: „Manson: The Life and Times of Charles Manson“

Why does Manson continue to compel us? Not because he reflects the dark heart of the 1960s but because he exemplifies a more far-reaching darkness, the one inside ourselves. As he said at his trial, „I am only what you made me.“

Artikel: The case of the bestselling ‚Swedish‘ crime novel: Is it fake?

In Russia, a Swedish crime novel described as a cross between „The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo“ and „Fifty Shades of Grey“ is a bestseller with mysterious origins.

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Rezension: Charlie Smith: „Men in Miami Hotels“

Smith’s novel follows gangster Cot Sims, who’s on the run after stealing emeralds- but it’s more than that. It may make the most sense to read „Men in Miami Hotels“ as an extended tone poem, in which the language of crime, of violence, informs the language of inner life.

Rezension: Stephen king: „Joyland“

Stephen King’s new „Joyland“ mixes chills with amusement park thrills. An amusement park and murder figure into a coming-of-age tale in this miniature thriller with a hint of the supernatural.

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Rezension: Richard Lange: „Angel Baby“

Richard Lange upends the thriller in his beautifully paced, deftly written book about moral compromise, in which we have empathy for everyone (or almost everyone) and no one at once.

Rezension: Richard Lange: „Angel Baby“

„Angel Baby“: a thriller that makes its own terms: Richard Lange upends the thriller in his beautifully paced, deftly written book about moral compromise, in which we have empathy for everyone (or almost everyone) and no one at once.

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Rezensionen: Dan Brown: „Inferno“ II

Dan Browns neuer Roman „Inferno“ ist erschienen, Besprechungen dazu gibt es unter anderem von Jake Kerridge im Telegraph, von Steven Poole im Guardian oder in der New York Times von Janet Maslin, in der Los Angeles Times von Carolyn Kellogg.

Walter Mosley im Gespräch

„You write and you discover. All art comes from the unconscious. You keep doing it and things keep coming up and they take form. Then your consciousness sees the form and works with it. But what comes out is something else.“

Videobeitrag: Naomi Hirahara on her Japanese American sleuth, Mas Arai

Edgar Award-winning author Naomi Hirahara published her first Mas Arai mystery in 2004. The series starring the Japanese American gardener and crime solver is now on its fifth novel, „Strawberry Yellow.“

Artikel: Crime fiction authors discuss pushing the genre’s boundaries

L.A. Times Festival of Books: During a conversation tantalizingly titled „What We Can’t Tell You“, four such authors pulled back the curtain on how they craft compelling mysteries.

Rezension: Kate Atkinson: „Life After Life“

The author gets to tell one story after another in conjuring up a woman who lives and dies repeatedly, and it’s a remarkable conceit. There’s a bit of Edward Gorey-esque glee in the way she keeps knocking off her main character, but also poetry and emotion.

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Rezension: Steph Cha: „Follow Her Home“

Raymond Chandler is among the undisputed masters of crime fiction, especially for stories set on the mean Southern California streets. Steph Cha’s debut novel begins as an homage to Marlowe and Chandler before ending up exploring vastly different mean streets of L.A.

Rezension: Joyce Carol Oates: „The Accursed“

„The Accursed,“ an astonishing fever dream of a novel, sets loose specters from the beyond to prey on innocent and guilty alike. But are there any real innocents in the diseased society Oates so scathingly depicts?

Rezension: Barry Siegel: „Manifest Injustice“

For some criminal defense attorneys, the quest to find and exonerate an inmate wrongly convicted of murder is the white whale of their profession – Journalist Barry Siegel digs into Bill Macumber’s convition. His case was taken up by the Arizona Justice Project.

Rezension: Kevin Cullen & Shelley Murphy: „Whitey Bulger“

Kevin Cullen and Shelley Murphy offer an authoritative study of the legendary criminal and the long manhunt that culminated in Santa Monica in 2011. Nearly 82, Bulger had spent 15 years hiding in plain sight in an apartment complex near the Pacific.

Rezensionen: Charles Falco/Kerrie Droban, George Rowe

Infiltrating Southern California biker gangs — Two new books tell firsthand accounts of going undercover with the Vagos.

Artikel: Free Sherlock? Holmes scholar challenges Conan Doyle estate

The greatest detective in the world has been under the protection of Arthur Conan Doyle and that author’s heirs. But one scholar believes it’s time for Sherlock Holmes to be set free.

Artikel: One of the „Gun Guys“

Author Dan Baum discusses his new book, which aims to bring another perspective to the national debate by curating the thoughts of an eclectic collection of firearm owners.