Rezension: Joe Hill: „NOS4A2“

Joe Hill and Owen King are Stephen King’s sons, but these two young writers have distinctive voices and highly developed talents and deserve to be considered solely on the basis of their merits.

Klassikercheck: Stephen King: „Thinner“

By 1984, everything that Stephen King wrote was selling by the truckload. He couldn’t put a foot wrong: bestseller begat bestseller. But he was writing faster than publishers could cope with.

Rezension: Joyce Carol Oates: „The Accursed“

Some novels are almost impossible to review, either because they’re deeply ambiguous or because they contain big surprises the reviewer doesn’t wish to give away. In the case of „The Accursed,“ both strictures apply.

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Artikel: Stephen King says Shining sequel is ‚real creepy scary stuff‘

Author says „Doctor Sleep“, due in September, marks a return to the kind of fiction that really frightens readers.

Artikel: Stephen King fordert strengeres Waffenrecht

King hat sich mit einem E-Book in Amerikas Waffendebatte eingemischt. Er mag Waffen und hat selbst welche. Nun schreibt er, wie man die Gewalt trotzdem eindämmen könnte.

Artikel: Stephen King unearths origin of „The Shining“ sequel „Doctor Sleep!

A man never outlives his father. That’s a line from William Faulkner, but it applies in earnest to Danny Torrance, the psychic little boy from Stephen King’s „The Shining“.

Artikel: Stephen King risks wrath of NRA by releasing pro-gun control essay

Bestselling author and gun owner says ‚autos and semi-autos are weapons of mass destruction‘ in 25-page work for Kindle.

Artikel: Stephen King’s eBook ‚Guns‘ Attacks NRA, Gun Owners, Politicians …

The author Stephen King today published „Guns“, a powerful essay about gun culture, in which he calls on gun owners to support the ban on semi-automatic weapons.

Artikel: Stephen King: My mother-in-law scares me

Novelist Stephen King spoke to creative writing students at the University of Massachusetts-Lowell. One student tried to find out what scares the horror master.

Buchtipp: Stephen King: „Wind“

Es ist eine kleine Sensation: Der Zyklus um den “Dunklen Turm” von Stephen King war eigentlich abgeschlossen. Jetzt schenkt uns der Autor einen weiteren Band. Nicht Nummer 8, sondern Nummer 4 1/2.

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Artikel: Rereading Stephen King: week nine: „Firestarter“

Charlie McGee is a little girl in the grand, early-King tradition of „kids with special powers“. Hers is pyrokinesis, and was triggered by some shady drug experiments committed on her parents by an even-more-shady governmental organisation known as The Shop.

Artikel: Stephen King: The shining example of a writer with a story to tell

The novelist is clearly still so possessed by „The Shining“ that he has taken on the crazy feat of writing a sequel.

Artikel: Rereading Stephen King: Week eight: „The Dead Zone“

„The Dead Zone“ was the strangest experience of James Smythe’s rereading experiment thus far. It’s the first book that is totally different to his memories of it; to the point where he even doubted that he had read it, and hadn’t just watched the movie adaptation too much.

Artikel: Rereading Stephen King: week seven: „The Long Walk“

Stephen King devotee James Smythe retakes „The Long Walk“ in his survey of the horror master, and finds King’s earliest book, written when he was just 18, as powerful today as it was in 1979.

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Artikel: Stephen King’s „The Dark Tower“ film killed – and reborn? – again

Stephen King has been waiting a long time for „The Dark Tower“ series to find a place on screens. „The Gunslinger,“ the first book in the series, was published in 1982, and he’s returned to that science fiction/fantasy/horror/western world for almost 4,000 pages.

Artikel: Stephen King’s sequel to „The Shining“ is coming

Stephen King published „The Shining“ way back in 1977. It was his fourth novel. A year earlier, his first, „Carrie,“ had come out as a film directed by Brian De Palma, and had been a huge success. King was big, but he wasn’t yet the giant bestselling author he’s become.

Klassikercheck: Stephen King: „The Stand“

Stephen King fan James Smythe has reached „The Stand“ (the original version was published in 1978) in his survey of the horror master, and finds this novel isn’t just about good versus evil – it’s also about fate.

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Artikel: The Shining Prequel?

Is the “Here’s Johnny!” line that Jack Torrance (famously portrayed by Jack Nicholson) utters after axing through a door in „The Shining“ a one-off event — or the culmination of a life of “all work and no play”?

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Artikel: A Defense of Stephen King, Master of the Decisive Moment

Over at the Los Angeles Review of Books they’re having an argument about Stephen King. Dwight Allenleads for the prosecution; Sarah Langan replies for the defense. Though like Langan she is absolute for acquittal, she wants to defend King on other grounds than hers.

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Artikel: King & I

Colin Dickeys most formative childhood experience involved Stephen King, and in particular his dread fear of his book „The Shining“. He was four or five years old, he thinks, though it may have been earlier.

Rezension: Stephen King: „Night Shift“

Stephen King uber-fan James Smythe is rereading the works of the horror genius in chronological order. This week, he tackles „Night Shift“, King’s first compilation of short stories, in which he laid the foundations for some of his greatest work

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Artikel: Killing Our Monsters: On Stephen King’s Magic

Smart readers, unite! Let us decry the naked Emperor called Stephen King, and restore our soiled integrity! Uh, okay. After that, can we all play „Thundercats“?

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