Artikel: The Plagiarist’s Tale

Spy novels embrace clichés — the double agent, the bomb-rigged briefcase — and »Assassin of Secrets,« published last fall, made a virtue of this tendency, piling one trope onto another to create a story that rang with wry knowingness.

Artikel: Q. R. Markham, Plagiarist

On Tuesday afternoon, the Associated Press’s Hillel Italie reported that a recently published spy novel, Q. R. Markham’s »Assassin of Secrets«, was being pulled after Markham’s publisher had determined that Markham had lifted his text from other sources.

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Rezension: Q. R. Markham: »Assassin of Secrets«

It’s dunce’s cap time for me. Eagle-eyed followers of this blog may have noticed that the last item I posted here has vanished overnight. It was a question-and-answer session between myself and Q. R. Markham, the author of a new spy novel, »Assassin of Secrets«.

Artikel: The thrill of déjà-lu

Anyone who’s been charged with plagiarism knows there are two ways to save face. Either own up and claim you were making a statement, or deny, like I did when accused of copying Tacitus in my A-Level history coursework.