Rezension: Alisa Statman mit Brie Tate: „Restless Souls“

In August 1969 Charles Manson had maybe 100 followers. A handful of them were convicted of following his orders to kill six people, including actress Sharon Tate, hairdresser Jay Sebring and grocery chain owner Leno LaBianca and his wife Rosemary.

Rezension: Chris Bohjalian: »The Night Strangers«

Bohjalian combines modern-day horror with supernatural horror to create a double-whammy of otherworldly fear. But despite the modern trappings, this is a blood-spattered, old-fashioned ghost story. And there’s no guarantee of safe passage in the end..

Rezension: S. J. Rozan: »Ghost Hero«

The on-again, off-again partnership between Lydia Chin and Bill Smith, the private detective-heroes of 11 of S. J. Rozan’s crime novels, is on again. In »Ghost Hero«, a mysterious man hires them to investigate a rumor..

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Rezension: Lee Child: »The Affair«

Lee Child finally spills the beans. The author turns the clock back to 1997 for a prequel that begins with Reacher’s arrival at the Pentagon in his major’s uniform, unshaven and in need of a haircut to take on what will turn out to be his final military assignment..

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