Rezension: Ivy Pochoda: „Visitation Street“

At the end of the day, Pochoda’s „Visitation Street“ has given Banerjee more respect for Denis Lehane, for choosing such a nuanced story about urban America. Hopefully, the imprint will continue to find authors who aren’t afraid to go beyond labels and safe places.

Rezensionen: Pochoda, Burke, James, Walker

Marilyn Stasio reviews some of the most interesting new crim novels including Ivy Pochoda’s „Visitation Street“, James Lee Burke’s „Light of the World“, Bill James’s „Play Dead“ and James Lee Burke’s latest novel „The Devil’s Cave“.

Rezension: Ivy Pochoda: „Visitation Street“

Ivy Pochoda’s impressive and atmospheric second novel arrives with a certain set of expectations, which she swiftly transcends. „Visitation Street“ is the second release from Dennis Lehane Books, the imprint of HarperCollins.

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