Oktoberausgabe der Polar Gazette

Die Oktoberausgabe der Polar Gazette steht ganz im Zeichen der Rebellion. Unter anderem mit einem Beitrag über Derek Raymond von Thomas Wörtche, einem  Essay über den Polar als Rebell im Roman Noir und vieles mehr.

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Artikel: The Visionary Detective

Minimalism in fiction is rarely conjoined with outbursts of passionate lyricism, and still more rarely do novels about crime and detectives carry out a philosophical quest. Derek Raymond’s much-admired “Factory” novels are bold and intriguing hybrids.

Artikel: Doors Closing Slowly: Derek Raymond’s Factory Novels

Though mostly unknown in the States outside of an obsessive cult following, the late British crime novelist Derek Raymond’s work is widely read and appreciated around the world — and especially in France, where the author lived for many years.